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Curious about some user experience or product strategy topic? There’s a lot of confusion around UX, product validation, and user research, and mixed methods research, we’ll be covering many topics in our blog, stay tuned! We have been designing and developing software for over 20 years and love helping others.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Attitudinal and Behavioral Data for User Research

Understanding user behavior and preferences is crucial for product owners, founders, and UX researchers in the development and optimization of products and services. To achieve this understanding, two types of data are of paramount importance: attitudinal and behavioral data.


Unlocking the Benefits of Qualitative vs Quantitative Research for UX

This article explores the differences between qualitative and quantitative UX research, with a focus on how these forms of research can be used together to gain an overall better understanding of user experience. It discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, examples of methods from both, as well as strategies for combining them.

Convergent Research Design flow chart, Quantitative and Qualitative Data gathered in parallel, then merged and analyzed

Designing Effective Research Designs for User Studies: A Guide to Mixed Methods Approaches

Mixed methods research integrates quantitative and qualitative approaches to collect and analyze numerical and descriptive data, offering a comprehensive understanding of a research problem.